CLiQFLOW® 780 and CLiQFLOW® 781


CLiQFLOW® 780 and CLiQFLOW® 781 are newly developed high efficient thixotropes based on a patented polyurea technology. They provide a strongly shear-thinning, thixotropic flow behaviour giving a balanced anti-sag/levelling performance particularly but not exclusively in spray applied systems. The polyurea chemistry builds a strong three-dimensional network at rest which results in strong elasticity and excellent storage stability. The low viscous liquid thickeners can be added at any production stage.


CLiQFLOW® 780 is recommended for low-to-medium polarity solvent-borne and solvent-free systems used in, e.g. industrial and automotive coatings, PVC plastisols and ambient cured resins used for casting applications. The thickener is free of inorganic salts and does not diminish the corrosion resistance of primer and DTM coatings.

CLiQFLOW® 781 is recommended for aqueous and high polar non-aqueous systems used in, e.g. industrial and high gloss decorative coatings and household cleaners. The thickener can be used alone or in combination with other thickener technologies to fine-tune the rheology of a system.