New Products / Product Literature

The products are complementary additions to our existing product family.


CLiQSPERSE 135 and CLiQSPERSE 138 are environmentally friendly, Ecolable compliant wetting and dispersing agents for aqueous coatings and pigment concentrates


CLiQSPERSE BL a versatile aromatic-free dispersant for non-aqueous industrial coatings and pigment concentrates


CLiQSPERSE CP and CLiQSPERSE CP/S wetting and dispersing agents to prevent pigment floating and flooding in non-aqueous industrial coatings


CLiQFLOW 660 VF a VOC-free shear-thinning associative thickener for industrial and decorative systems


CLiQSMART AP and CLiQSMART PD-20 highly efficient defoamers for non-aqueous systems


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